RV Tips: 4 Must-Haves for Your RV Kitchen

Your RV kitchen will get a lot of use when you’re out at the campground, so making sure you have the right equipment to make all your favorite meals is essential! Check out these fantastic RV tips for the ultimate must-have kitchen equipment for your RV from a full-time RVer. We’ll show you our favorite RV kitchen essentials below.

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Air Fryer

The number one item we use in our RV kitchen is the air fryer. Ours sits on top of the cabinet by our stove and we use it for everything from toast in the morning to pizzas for dinner. Air fryers are great for roasting vegetables while you cook burgers out on the grill, too!

Collapsible Sink

Many RVs have a large farmhouse-style sink in the kitchen, which is excellent for doing a lot of dishes but can also be a hassle because of the lack of space for rinsing. We got a pair of collapsible bins that sit in our sink and act as a second basin so that we can easily wash, rinse, and dry!


The BlendJet is a handheld blender that is perfect for making single-serving smoothies, milkshakes, and more! We use ours to make frothy hot cocoa, delicious smoothies, and even blending up soup for a smooth finish!

Magma Pots and Pans

This is an item we have not purchased for our RV yet, but it’s on the list! We are currently making do with some cheap pans that do the trick, but when those have served their purpose, we will be upgrading to the Magma pots and pans set. This set of pots and pans nests together and seals with a bungee cord to make them easy to store and safe for travel.

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